domingo, 7 de septiembre de 2008

Yei babies and Tab bars....

So much for updating frequently. Still, it's probably a positive sign of me being busy being alive in the non virtual world. Since my last post I've managed to get William into a private catholic school here in Mexico City. Yes, I know, I'm horrid, But it's literally two houses down from our apartment, so we can get up just an hour before he has to be there. That's what I hated the most about school when I was his age, having to get up at 5 o'clock in the morning.As for the catholic crap, well I figure since most kids stray away from their parents' belief systems when they become teenagers, in an effort to identify themselves as "not the same as my mom and dad, but just the opposite", I hope the good sisters will make him so sick of religion he won't take down that path. I'm not sure it's working though...

William: " Mom, do you know what?"
Mom: "Mmm, no."
William: " We have god nailed up on a wall at my school!"
Mom: "Um, great sweety.

He's developed an obsession with Harry Potter, which is unfortunate since there isn't another movie coming out till next summer, so there wasn't any merchandising for his bithday this August. I managed to find a fantastic extendable paper wand for him though.

The store has been pretty slow this month since most people had to spend a lot of money on school fees this August. I hope things pipe up for the rest of September.

The big news for the week is that my boyfriend and I are finally getting married this Thursday. Hurray! We're just going down to the civil registry and signing some papers, the big party will probably be till next summeer (maybe we can have a Harry Potter themed Wedding!).

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